Python Month Hyderabad 2017

As part of Hyderabad Python User's group activities, we are collaborating with PyConf Hyd & PyBits and kick starting PythonMonth Hyderabad 2017, where we will conduct free sessions in colleges around open source and Python in Hyderabad starting from September 8th - October 8th. This is part of the PythonMonth Initiative started by PythonExpress across various cities in India. Please request session for your college at

We are also starting a campus ambassador programme where student developer community leaders work for learning & spreading python & open source in their respective colleges. The HydPy community will support students with Open source Projects, and conducting workshops etc. to grow the student communities in Colleges in Hyderabad. This programme allows us to provide a platform to have college activities like open source projects, python workshops & open source student activities centralized across the city. Excited? Please fill the College Ambassador Form .

We are looking for experienced pythonists who can conduct workshops in colleges. Interested? Please fill Speaker Form .