Aditya Lohia

Senior Machine Learning Engineer


We have been compromising higher accuracies because of higher latencies. What if I tell you there’s a framework that takes care of the latency so you can deploy better algorithms? In this talk, I will demonstrate why, where, and how to use NVIDIA’s TensorRT and DeepStream for deploying your solution


Aditya Lohia is working as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Guise AI. He has provided real-time, accurate solutions for multiple use cases in Computer Vision during his professional career. He loves giving back to the community that has helped him learn. He aims to help people understand how to use technology to automate tasks that conjure people to spend hours. He often volunteers to help students make their way in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He is a free-spirited person who enjoys discovering good food across cities. He spends his free time reading books and playing Rainbow Six Siege.