Piyush Makhija

Machine Learning Engineer


“Comm is smply d at of trnsfring info frm 1 plac, p3rson or grp 2 anotjer”

You understood that right? So we effectively communicated! Can your NLP app handle users with similar typing habits? What if they also mixed languages? Can we build effective NLP pipeline for such cases? Join me to find out..


Born and brought up in New Delhi, India, I am a first-generation Engineer with a passion to solve real-world problems and provide a significant technical contribution.

Having completed my MS in CS from Georgia Institute of Technology with a focus on Machine Learning, I have taken fondness into applying these skills to solve socio-economic problems which bridge the gap between man & machine

Currently, I am working on core NLP and ML problems at Vahan, where we have built a chatbot to converse with low/semi-skilled workers and with the objective to find them a suitable job. Our chatbot is able to converse with the user in a code-mixed native language with all kinds of regional & personal nuances and respond to relevant user queries.